Generate Your Backend Using the Best Tools

By leveraging the code generation and model design features of Synconia you will save a lot of time, follow best practices and industry standards by separating Code from Design.

View the Synconia Code Generator in Action as We Build a Backend Step by Step

With the Synconia Gode Generator Plugin for the Eclipse Papyrus UML modeler, you can generate a fully functional backend for a Java Web Application.

But “the code is the design” you might argue and we partially agree: You can and you will still have to implement the specific parts of your code even using our software. Our software aims to maximize developer productivity, code quality and coherence – we do not replace, but enhance the developers.

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REST endpoints are automatically generated.

Model Driven

Rapid Prototyping of Microservices and Applications based on an architecture driven by a model.

Entities & Helpers

JPA Entities and helper classes are generated.

Inherent Security

Using JWT (Java Web Token), Bearer Auth and Industry Best Practices.

The Founders

Software Development and Java Expert.

– Dipl.Ing. – Dr.techn. Markus Demetz

Serial Entrepreneur active in the ITC and renewable energy sectors.

– Thomas Moroder

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