A Targeted Approach

With the Synconia Gode Generator Plugin for the Eclipse Papyrus UML modeler, you can generate a fully functional backend for a Java Web Application.

  • Model Driven – Rapid Prototyping of Microservices and Applications based on an architecture driven by a model.

  • RESTful API – REST endpoints are automatically generated

  • Inherent Security – Using JWT (Java Web Token)

  • Entities & Helpers – JPA Entities and helper classes are generated

By leveraging the code generation and model design features of Synconia you will save a lot of time, follow best practices and industry standards by separating Code from Design.

But “the code is the design” you might argue and we partially agree: You can and you will still have to implement the specific parts of your code even using our software. Our software aims to maximize developer productivity, code quality and coherence – we do not replace, but enhance the developers.

Discover The Future of Software

We are the company that builds the software that generates the code from the architecture driven by the model specified by the software architect using templates customized by the developer.

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Customers and Partners

Our Partner Ecosystem is fundamental for our objectives. Synconia cooperates with all competent solution providers for software development, rapid prototyping and microservices, etc. We offer developers direct integration of Synconia technology with your software.